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Web Design

We create beautiful, fast, and maintainable websites in a way that delivers success to your organization.

Listening to your needs, we pick the most appropriate technology and create a project plan. We use Drupal CMS, Ubercart, and Apache Solr for most projects - so all the features are there, the only question is: in what way we can mold them to convey your unique message?


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Website and CRM Design and Development Services

Developing breakthrough capacity for your organization.

On a personal, professional, business, or non profit level, there are many challenges on the path of reaching your optimal capacity and effectiveness. The closer in alignment we are with principles of change, the easier it is to move to the next stage of development and growth. This in concrete terms could mean expanding the scope and reach of your message and increasing your sales or website traffic.


Customer Relationship Management is not only software, it is a philosophy of best practices applied to enhance your relationship with employees and customers. We specialize in the leading packages for providing these results, but have no particular allegiance to any vendor. An emerging trend in CRM is Social CRM, a way to connect you and your community together. We're totally into that.

If you are a web-based business who is looking for an integrated web site, shopping cart, sales, marketing, and customer service system, please check out our Info@Hand and SugarCRM offerings.

Mindful CRM: Constituent Relationship Management

Mindful CRM: Non-profit Solution for Rogue Valley Non-Profits

Struggling to keep track of your donors or volunteers?
Needing a website that includes social networking, calendar, and event registration?
Need to keep track of grant writers and their grants?
Want to increase attendence to your events?
Having problems with keeping up to date with constituents?
Feeling like your website doesn't get enough content updates?