Website and CRM Design and Development Services

Developing breakthrough capacity for your organization.

On a personal, professional, business, or non profit level, there are many challenges on the path of reaching your optimal capacity and effectiveness. The closer in alignment we are with principles of change, the easier it is to move to the next stage of development and growth. This in concrete terms could mean expanding the scope and reach of your message and increasing your sales or website traffic.

Understanding where you are at, giving you the tools to get where you need to be.

Your business ideas and practices might be at a all time high or low, in the middle, or in a state of flux. We can neutrally examine this information, take what is good and working, and without feeling bad or wrong leave behind the rest. Whether we improve or create your website, or offer any kind of technology consulting service, this will be the premise: you already have great ideas, some established or in their infancy, with their own spirit/identity. We help you polish them and present them in a fashion which produces a positive environment of growth.

Going from theory to practice, producing the changed environment and results necessary.

Through our careful attention to detail of your current predicament, it will be possible to rough out a few possible solutions, or ways forward. Our process includes recommendation and receptivity, eventually choosing the most workable proposal, implementing it step by step, and testing the results. At the end of our project, it is as though you never knew how you could have done it the way you were doing it before.

Building relationships between human beings and their world.

Offering green, sustainable, leadership building components to any project. We understand community and human service to be essential components of taking any organization to its highest level. By mastering your trade or profession, creating a successful rhythm and brand, a great degree of integrity, stability, and earnestness is shown. Why not continue on by giving something back? We have many suggestions, digital and real-world, to bring you into fullest alignment with the cycle of life, community, and commerce.

Educating the public about the effectiveness, ease of use, and opportunities of free license, open source software.

Our service to the community involves sponsoring and developing, hosting and supporting the technological solutions of the Red Earth Descendants, Transformation Arts, and Ashland Youth Council at no cost. Additionally, we are actively seeking to promote and expand the breadth and quality of the Southern Oregon Drupal User's Group.

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