Mindful Integrations provides hosting services for its clients running Drupal. Drupal is a tool to build great looking and stable websites, small and large. Even the White House uses it.

Why have Mindful Integrations host you?


We spend every day working on Drupal sites and making them work fast and effectively. It is very easy to set up Drupal yourself, but perhaps you are not understanding the entire picture. Performance, security, backups, search engines, and spam prevention are necessary things to make your site attractive to your customers. Sure, you can enable these on your own, but do you want to go through and module-surf, read tedious documentation, and find out the answers through trial and error? Probably not. We would love to do that for you.

How much does it cost?

As we have set up clients at $8/month with shared hosts (not good places to run Drupal), and private VPS's from ($25-30/month), we have decided to start our hosting plans at $20/month for a high speed Drupal site, with adjustable features/pricings on top. Embodying standards of fairness, we will review site status and usage to make sure this pricing level meets your needs and our needs. If you turn into the next, we'll have a couple things to talk about. For some starting points, look at our site recipes here.

Who can use this?

Right now, this service is limited to clients who we maintain or create Drupal sites for. The value-add is we know you and have a real relationship with you. If you are coming here from the internet at large, there are probably better places to have your site hosted (however, we'd love to work with you, too).