SugarCRM is a commercial, open-source CRM product that is web based. This means it is highly configurable and easy to deploy. To access data, your employees and sales representatives only need a web browser and an internet connection.

The Total Cost of Ownership for SugarCRM can be much less than traditional CRM implementations due to its foundations in free, open-source software. Your client computers may use Thunderbird, Open Office, and Linux instead of the traditional Microsoft Products. Mindful Integrations also specializes in these type of open-source implementations.

SugarCRM features

> Account /Contact centric
> Stores virtually unlimited information about contacts and accounts
> Shared calendar for the enterprise
> Distribution lists for sales and marketing campaigns
> Case management
> Sales and Opportunity tracking
> Bug Tracking for software development
> Open Architecture for easy integration (GPL v3)
> Thunderbird/Outlook Integration (with additional fee)
> Integrated Module Builder for custom data views
> Knowledge Management
> Web site integration (lead forms)
> Highly customizable user interface and administrative features
> LAMP, WAMP, or Windows/SQL Server

We offer hosted (Saas) offerings and on-site installations of Sugar Open Source. We find this to be a functional and effective tool for small to mid-sized businesses, fixed or distributed.

Note: Also available is SplendidCRM, a SugarCRM fork that was rebuilt in ASP.NET for easy deployment and integration with existing Microsoft environments.