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BlueGenie Interactive

Year : 
It was a pleasure to work with BlueGenie Interactive on porting their beautifully designed Photoshop template into a fully featured Drupal Website. It includes a custom intro page, custom contact forms and customer surveys, jQuery rounded corner effects, and the ability to have content for members or clients only. Learned a bit about how to be pixel perfect and look closer into design requirements.

Year : 
2010 is a SEO compliant, Google Analytics tracked, socially oriented website with a newsletter. Its purpose is to inform about Scientific Research regarding Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The site will be linked through RSS feeds to other resources.

Mindful Integrations

Year : 
Obligatory "I created my own business website" post. features many standard drupal modules. Displays a Blog, a Blog Archive, a Portfolio or Projects, is tied into Google Analytics, and has CAPTCHA anti-spam measures. Imagine these features on your own site. Version 2

Year : 

This is an upgraded website for RED. It includes over 40+ Drupal modules to provide robust functionality. Nearly a social network around this impressive community group. The project uses many content types and relates rich media together with an events calendar. Uses Panels/CCK/Views to achieve results.

This is an example of a site that has been highly successful.

Year : 
Created the site for Michael Vasquez, a 30+ year experience Tai Chi teacher. Features Drupal 6.x, Views, CCK, and CiviCRM backend. Version: 1

Year : 
Made with Joomla 1.x, custom theme. Includes an upcoming events calendar, and multiple regions for news and information about the organization.