Leading Non-Profits using Constituent Relationship Management Tools


I would like to share with you three major websites that maintain a contact/member database. They use CRM/Website tools as a cornerstone of their organization, promoting the website to a new level of importance. Even the Obama campaign leveraged social networking, blogging, and volunteer/membership tools to get into office, demonstrating the success of such strategies. Its not enough to just "have a website" anymore, it needs to be standards-compliant and "hooked-in" and useful.

* Amnesty International -

The Enlightenment of CRM

"According to the Buddha, no one can attain basic sanity or enlightenment without practicing meditation." - Chogyam Trungpa

Much like a person on the path of enlightenment could not get anywhere without the practice of meditation, a business without effective CRM strategies will not be able to retain its customers, manage its growth, or extend into new markets. In our economic downturn, the universal feeling is fear. Fear is based on lacking 'a proper way of seeing things' or confronting 'the unknown'. The real question is, how can we become clairvoyant?

Technology, people, environments

Using technology in business is an entire umbrella of assumptions that can be viewed with a slightly different perspective than usual.

We buy technology to help us manage our business, increase sales/customer service, and enhance customer satisfaction. True. However, each benefit from technology does not really happen by purchasing the tool itself, it is instead a byproduct of enhanced relationships and new perspectives given to people.

What is Open Source Software and Why It Matters

Open source software is free to use, redistribute, and modify as you see fit.
Open source software is about community working together to achieve a common goal
Open source software is sustainable
Open source software is used in eco-friendly PC's to reduce energy usage

Open source software matters in a community because it can be found easily, used in creative and positive ways, and can be redistributed to share our sense of community with others.

There is high quality open source software to:
1. Achieve personal or business results
2. Enhance your productivity