Upgrade CiviCRM from 2.2x to 3.0.1 on Drupal

I could write about it, or just let you know about the excellent CiviCRM documentation, available here My first impression is good. Flawless upgrade, and the new Administrative Menu looks rather nice. I am going to be using it for a client for Paypal donation processing, so we can then use CCK/Views to make a list of Donors and then mail to them with thank you letters.

Getting up to speed with Drupal

It is commonly said that "Drupal has a high learning curve.". True statement. Drupal is a multi-faceted and relational CMS system that requires some foresight and premeditation into designing your site --IF you are a developer.

If you are an End User, Drupal is actually easy. You sign in and click "Create Content" to add your pictures, videos, posts, blogs, etc. in an easy to use form. The site generally takes care of the rest, if its set up correctly.

So, first decide what you are. A Drupal End User or Developer. This post is tailored towards those who want to Develop in Drupal.

Working on a Drupal 6 Site

Creating a site for the Red Earth Descendants at - feedback welcomed. Using many awesome Drupal modules.

PicoLCD 256x64 on Xubuntu 9.04

Greetings - this was a slight pain!

I downloaded the Linux installer .bin from here: and accepted all the defaults.

Then, I had to install some extra packages by typing:

sudo apt-get install lcd4linux

I have it connected through USB and its showing system stats on the PicoLCD. Now, it looks like we'll need to update the scripts or create some custom ones and then make the PicoLCD start when the system boots. More to come in a later blog.

CRM is Easy

CRM is probably the easiest thing a business can become.

A business does not do, buy, acquire, or otherwise gain access to CRM. CRM is not software, it is not desktop based, web based, or based in anything outside of you (and everyone else in your company).

Customer Relationship Management is just paying attention.

CRM software vendors will make all sorts of claims about their product doing x, y, z. Typically, they have no idea this is true and just rely on some study someone else did, somewhere, to back up their claims.

The Tai Chi of Business

EDIT (April 14th) - I would like to preface this with an acknowledgement to my teacher Michael Vasquez. Without his guidance and patience, I wouldn't be here to present this material to you. Check out his website here.

Short and Sweet - Twitter Advertising Method

Its a simple formula.

1. Add people on Twitter who interest you and continue adding them. Its like brushing your teeth, you do it every day.

2. Write on your blog or update your website with important content. Post the blog to twitter and link 2 categories (e.g. #CRM #Sales)

3. Have your website track viewing statistics. Watch the view count and the "referral links". Drupal has a built in module for this, and even has a Google Analytics module available.

Change Management - Tips for CRM People

edit (April 9th) - obvious error in title of article :)

A common term thrown around in CRM firms is "change management". Such as, "we aren't selling them software, we're selling them business processes and enabling them to use them".

Well, lets just be truthful here. Unless you're giving out free, open source software, you are selling them the software. However, as in all marketing lies, there is truth.

A more direct relationship with the meaning of technology

"Thus we shall never experience our relationship to the essence of technology so long as we merely conceive and push forward the technological, put up with it, or evade it. Everywhere we remain unfree and chained to technology, whether we passionately affirm or deny it."

Lovitt, William (1977). "The Question Concerning Technology". The Question Concerning Technology and Other Essays. Harper Torchbooks. pp. 3–35. Retrieved on 2007-11-21.

Understanding how to adopt the right Business Management Software (including CRM)?

Most businesses come to vendors or consultants for Business Management Software when they are in one of the following stages:

1. Growing exponentially beyond capacity
2. Declining from past success

In the first scenario, a business has hit the mark and is creating good communication with customers. It is prosperous, but is increasingly unable to support or fulfil orders from customers in a timely fashion.