You might not have seen this...

But this business is about helping each other, our community, and the world at large. We use open-source tools if we can, don't make a big margin off software sales, and give back to the community whenever possible. Money is not what this is about. So many businesses are seeking for-profit them-them-them solutions which are about the bottom line. That is one way of looking at CRM or a website. We choose to see past these ways of seeing the world. CRM is about good human relationships.

Sites To Visit To Keep Your Web Developing Skills Fresh

I frequent these sites to stay up with date with technology and web design trends. Also, honestly, they are categorized on my toolbar as Time Wasters. Too much information without disciplined training is to our detriment.

Here is the list!

Reddit and Digg usually have a couple good articles a day relating to web-design and programming. Both have "sub-categories" that let you refine the kind of content you see. Highly recommended.

Is your business balanced?

Most businesses are run in a Yang-centric, or out of balance, fashion. From Alchemy Pages, we get these definitions.

Yang Tendencies are:








Whereas Yin Tendencies are:








Ubercart 2.x and Drupal 6.x Conversion from OS Commerce

Working on a project that requires the conversion of OS Commerce to Ubercart/Drupal6.

The company sells roses, and each Rose has 15+ informative fields (CCK will handle this) and 1 attribute (size) with three options. Relatively simple, except for getting the data out of OSCommerce and into Ubercart. OS Commerce has been highly customized to manage stock levels and sales for each product variant, but does not have a unique SKU for each variant.

The Value of a CRM Consultant

A CRM consultant is someone who cares about your business. A CRM vendor is a company that sells a product with features. Features without proper implementation, related to business needs, are meaningless.

So this shows we are all dependent on each other. A CRM Consultant uses the software of a CRM Vendor. However, many "channel sales partnerships" dictate that a Vendor can only sell particular products in particular regions. Good CRM is always "these problems need to be addressed and are pain points, lets find the best tool available to help out!"

Cloud Computing - Definition, Value, Costs - Seen and Unseen

Cloud computing is an industry buzzword for renting application services through the internet

These services can be free or paid for, but run on one or many computer systems over a network outside of your home or office. There is a trend of people switching to these services instead of running their computer systems in house (or a mixture is born). First, I'll offer a loose definition and introduction to cloud computing, and then compare it to another common system we are all familiar with.

Research into New Fields of Interaction With Computers

This is a tentative outline of major emerging technologies that will have implications on our social, political, and economic lifestyles.

1. Geolocation. The ability to track your exact coordinates in space/time through a mobile device.

2. Virtual Reality - embedded reality presented through a mobile device such as an iPhone

3. Crowdsourcing - the ability to offshore your R&D and development work to internet people and how this affects localization and sustainability efforts

Changing the way we send and pay bills

Have you ever heard "the check is in the mail" and have waited 2-3 days and even a week to receive the payment that has been promised to you?

This is common, standard-operating-procedure in America. There is a common shared perspective that it is OK to do this to each other. We have the convenience and mystery surrounding this because we do not live close together, as people in a small community or tribe might have, and we can behave in unnatural and strange ways as a consequence.

Understanding Practice Management Systems from Eastern Thought Perspective

Understanding the Western methodology of sales and marketing, that 80% of future business comes from existing customers, it behooves Eastern Medicine Practices to adopt a technological solution to manage their practice.

Right now you might be doing the following to various degrees:

  1. Referring Patients to Tai Chi practitioners for further “self-health.”

  2. Calling patients to remind them of appointments or offering “Check-up” calls to see if a patients' health is improving.

  3. Engaging in email dialog with patients.