Automation isn't the answer

We've invented all of these tools for automated human interaction:

* follow up emails
* follow up call / call reminders
* persuasive graphics and effects for convincing people to do something (buy / learn / join )
* integrated services - login with google / facebook -
* automated product recommendations (Amazon recommend tool)

But, the consumer is of course relatively wary and resistant to these methods. We keep thinking that if only we can automate the process a bit more, and do less work, that we'll achieve the goal.

Unfortunately, the goal is to create lasting human relationships. If we create a lasting human (business) relationship, then mutual profit can enter into the situation. Why would it be so hard to return someones call? Why would it be so hard to refrain from asking extremely personal and strategically invasive questions( What do you know, who are you, how long have you done this, who are your clients, etc.)? We are so impatient from all the automation that we want to go from level 1 to level 10 with a person in 5 minutes.

How about we slow down, learn about who we are and who we're doing business with and try to really help them? Something that few bother to pay attention to is providing a service or product that needs no convincing, needs no illusions, and is extremely useful. The service and product actually does something to beautify or make the world a generally better place to live in, so there's no argument really. Two of our clients do this very well. - they sell antique, rare roses. period. if you're a collector, you go there, use their amazing search tools, find what you want, check out, and likely get a discount. If you have any questions, you can call them up. - they sell healthy and high quality Taiwan Oolong tea. Same as above. It is what it is, and if you don't know about it, you can go to the shop and learn. The owner's there, you can talk to him.

So that's what we start asking ourselves ; how can we just do something that is good for us, and good for everyone else, keeps adding more good to the world, and makes everyone prosper? Does automation achieve this kind of business model? If we don't want to talk to anyone, don't want to do any real work, and don't actively pursue the research and development of our offering - we're just sponging mostly. Lets stop sponging and become more like a brave warrior who goes out and seeks new experiences and new ways of interacting with other people. At no point should we forget who we are and what we're doing here; just because we're making this intangible thing called money.

That's the difference between a business of human beings vs. robotic automatons - feeling, sensing, adapting, growing, changing, realizing and getting more accurate by the day.