Deadlines are an illusion, stress isn't necessary, and are you sure you want an 'expert'?

One of the simplest and most profound pieces of wisdom that has come along my path in relationship to technology projects is: deadlines are an illusion. Projects that are worthy and valuable take a long time.

To make something beautiful and useful you have to make many mistakes and tear it apart again and again until its well refined.

You know that you have hired the right person for the job when they actually derive joy and satisfaction from tinkering with the tools that you rely upon for success!

An expert is someone who knows his limitations, and is willing to seek help when necessary.

Someone who knows how things come and go, wax and wane, fall into favor and out of favor - is someone you want on your team.

Why get stressed about a deadline that someone invented? Because our ego is very large. We don't want the world to see us fail and falter and not deliver. But, anyone who has actually delivered well has failed and faltered numerous times!

The most relieving feeling is to let go of the artificial business attitudes and high and mighty power phrases, and just peer into what we're actually attempting to do. We're making tools that help people get along better and live fruitful and useful lives. So, why would we throw away our self worth and self respect by getting hung up about who is right, who is on time, and who knows more?

Most so-called experts out there are listening to how they can make money off your needs when they are doing a line-by-line of your project. Most people who claim they know this or that, are actually just paying people who know those things so they can look good themselves: a subtle, but distinct observation.

Part of what we're doing here is enjoying our time, enjoying our work, and building something together. If we can let go, and allow this, the result is 100x that of a forced, arbitrary objective where those at the top take the credit, and those at the bottom fear for their next months pay check.

Someone who knows what is a real deadline vs. a perceived deadline has wisdom. Someone who knows how to keep calm in turbulent times is a warrior. And someone who does this all for you, enjoys it, and shepherds you along your way without judgment, criticism, doubt or confusion is a sage.

Strategy would dictate that we should notice when someone like this is in our presence.

It might be surprising to you how many silent sages you have in your realm already - because those who know this aren't likely to be the ones positioning for the lead, cutting you off mid-sentence, and boasting about what they accomplished in the past.