I would like to extend an invitation here to Ashland, OR and surrounding area non-profits and not for profits to use the recently launched an online group organization, collaboration, and project management platform. Think of it as kind of like Basecamp, Microsoft Project, Facebook, and Google Docs all mixed together in a cohesive interface, without as much fuss or confusion. Keep It Simple Silly (KISS) is our principle.

We would like to host 10 groups for free!

Sign your community up to get:

* Blogs
* Calendar
* Notebook (shared documents!)
* Project Manager (with email notifications)
* Shoutbox (think Tweets)
* Bug Tracker (if you're a nerdy developer)

This all happens privately or publicly. Your choice. The site runs on top of the great open source Drupal and OpenAtrium Platforms. To learn more about what it can do, please go here and learn for a few moments. Or:

Introduction for Site Users from Development Seed on Vimeo.

Mindful Integrations is proud to host OpenAshland as is for your group, and can also be consulted for paid customizations and enhancements.

If you are interested please contact us. or leave a comment here for us to get in touch with you. Or, simply start by signing up here.