Automation isn't the answer

We've invented all of these tools for automated human interaction:

* follow up emails
* follow up call / call reminders
* persuasive graphics and effects for convincing people to do something (buy / learn / join )
* integrated services - login with google / facebook -
* automated product recommendations (Amazon recommend tool)

But, the consumer is of course relatively wary and resistant to these methods. We keep thinking that if only we can automate the process a bit more, and do less work, that we'll achieve the goal.

Deadlines are an illusion, stress isn't necessary, and are you sure you want an 'expert'?

One of the simplest and most profound pieces of wisdom that has come along my path in relationship to technology projects is: deadlines are an illusion. Projects that are worthy and valuable take a long time.

To make something beautiful and useful you have to make many mistakes and tear it apart again and again until its well refined.

You know that you have hired the right person for the job when they actually derive joy and satisfaction from tinkering with the tools that you rely upon for success!

Your Companies VPS Drupal and CiviCRM Security Checklist Template

1. Create Strong Passwords for all Drupal and sensitive email accounts used by [YOUR COMPANY] Staff. A Strong password is typically 8 characters long +, has upper and lowercase letters, a symbol (e.g. # % ^ &) and does not contain any personally identifiable information or anything someone could find out about you online. This handy document might help you: . Typically, an attacker gains access to you email or an admin account, where they can “escalate” their privileges by getting more usernames/passwords.

The Path of Constant Web Refinement

A website is not something that is made for you and "finished"; it is an evolving platform that organizes your offerings and interacts with your customers, friends, and constituents. When we make one, we're just looking at it a certain way at that point in time, and as the times change we should keep looking at it to see if there are any possible improvements.

What are Barracuda Aegir, Octopus and the LANMP Stack?

I would like to preface this article with credit to the author, omega8cc, and to the aegir team,

omega8cc offers full barracuda aegir and "mini-vps" hosting, if you are looking to have it hosted for you, and want to make you own sites, I recommend that service. I am only hosting sites I'm directly involved with building at this point.

What is Aegir?

Introduction to Lineage Tai Chi - Water Method

Interested in how to be a computer worker or office worker and stay in good health? Check out Tai Chi, the water method.

Click Here for more information.



I would like to extend an invitation here to Ashland, OR and surrounding area non-profits and not for profits to use the recently launched an online group organization, collaboration, and project management platform. Think of it as kind of like Basecamp, Microsoft Project, Facebook, and Google Docs all mixed together in a cohesive interface, without as much fuss or confusion. Keep It Simple Silly (KISS) is our principle.

We would like to host 10 groups for free!

Sign your community up to get:

* Blogs
* Calendar

Resources for Logo Design

Just a simple post here, been looking at Smashing Magazine, Logo Lounge, and My Fonts. Follow a trend to be relevant, but deviate in areas where originality is present and deserved.

Email Marketing, Group Email, and Newsletter Tools - How do I choose?

In this modern world there are hundreds of options for email marketing. Its a highly confusing arena, because everyone tries to copy everyone else and include all the best features, but typically offer little of the "magic" that makes it a good choice to use. Magic to me is defined as: easy to use interface for end-users (GUI) and programmers (API), data portability, open-source, emails not being marked as spam, good pricing plans or just plain free, and customer-service or customer support forums that are actively used.

Social Networking Buttons

Putting little social networking buttons on your website without any valuable content to be shared is not a good way to advertise. In fact, it does the opposite - makes you look like a trendy follower who missed the memo.

Post good content, give people the ability to share it, and allow them to comment. That's the holy grail. Just putting little pictures of Facebook and Tweeting Birds is not going to cut it.